Elementary School

Elementary School Overview

Child Centered instruction helps create the
building blocks for future educational success.

Elementary school is a time for each child to build upon his or her knowledge and experiences in sequential order. With individual attention to each child’s unique learning style, our teachers create a sense of curiosity within each student along with the tools needed to discover the world around them.

The Carden Reading Method opens the door to the
world of expression and literature

In Language Arts and Math, students work in small groups to receive individualized instruction and to ensure that concepts are mastered completely before advancing. This mastery of information builds self-confidence and allows children to develop their knowledge base in an orderly manner. Independent seat work is also an important component of each child’s educational program. This helps children learn to focus, and to build stamina for larger and more complex projects as they progress.

The Carden Reading Method is an excellent example of the Carden learning style followed by our teachers. The following is an excerpt from the Carden Educational Foundation web site:

The Carden Reading Method is a total language arts curriculum. It enables youngsters to include those essential elements of language among their first achievements.

Phonics and Word Structure The Fun You Have When
You Possess the Power Language Offers

The children’s vocabulary is part of their personal mental image of life. There is great joy and satisfaction in applying Carden phonics to read easily, to spell accurately, and to speak clearly. Mastery of the language arts enables youngsters to convey their personal mental images to others with ease. Children are aware of the power that language imparts to them. They develop the self-respect that yields self-esteem.

Word Grouping Enjoying Reading

Students learn to read thoughts rhythmically. This means they read with a rhythm that helps to impart understanding, whether reading silently for personal enjoyment or reading aloud for the enjoyment of listeners. They learn to group words as they read according to questions for comprehension that the words answer. They are not afraid of grammar. They know how to use it as a tool of comprehension. In school, at home, and elsewhere, they use it when reading, writing, and speaking.

Finding and Expressing the Main Idea
Learning to Think as You Read

Students prove their understanding by emphasizing the key word of a sentence as they read. The key word determines the main idea of the sentence. They appreciate having valid critical thinking techniques that enable them to choose a key word and to justify their choice. Readers use the key word to compose a title that expresses the main idea of a sentence. The key words and titles form the basis for outlining. The ability to organize thought is one of the identifying marks of an educated person.

Elementary School Enrichment

The elementary school curriculum is enriched with many opportunities for personal development. We are proud to offer:

  • Assemblies and performances to develop public speaking skills
  • Community service projects throughout the year
  • Instrument instruction and Band performances
  • Weekly science labs and annual science fairs
  • After school activities including Theatre Class, Dance,
    Art, Music, Sports Club, Math Club, French Club, Karate, Chess
  • Educational and exciting field trips
  • Study hall and extended care before and after school


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