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Middle School

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treble clef with flowers, bird, butterfly, hearts and designsAll parents are invited to our Middle School Spring Concert:
May 3rd
8:45 am
Please come and enjoy listening to all our very talented middle schoolers!
For more information, contact the Upper Campus Office at 408 448.2700.

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In Middle School, children's appreciation for Fine Art and Art History grows as they continue to explore the techniques needed to better express themselves creatively.
Building on the skills obtained in the lower grades, middle school students become familiar with the Principles of Design while completing a variety of projects. They develop increase mastery of of several mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. Students increase their knowledge of how the Elements of Art are used to achieve specific goals, such as how shape can be used to create emphasis, or how color choices affect the mood of a piece.
In addition to art production, students are introduced to a variety of artwork from around the world to develop the ability to analyze and speak about the art using the conventions of art criticism. Students explore the connection between history and art through projects that further broaden their understanding of the background and essence of world cultures.
Frequent research projects and field trips to the Bay Area museums add breadth and depth to the foundation of our program. Beyond the museums, students are encouraged to seek out art forms in non-traditional areas such as parks and architecture. In additions to the visual arts, students are introduced to other cultures and history through various Bay Area forums.